5 reasons to visit India

8 ottobre 2019

There are millions reasons to visit India, but you don't have to miss this 5

1 architectures
2 vibrant colors
3 food
4 yoga and ayurveda
5 rajastan


You have to visit Taj Mahal a must-visit India landmark of course, but non only this great sign of the Mogul age is important, but also you have to discover other buildings or temples such the Golden Temple in Amristar (Punjab) or Indu temple in the south (Kerala and Tamil Nadu) or the Red Fort in Delhi.

Vibrant colors

Color is an art form in India. Every color you could only imagine from traditional Sari to intricate roads, you'll find in India.
Colors are a celebration. Holi is a two days festival that ritualizes God versus Evil. 


Big country = Big food tradition
From North to South is a delightful experience to taste different cultures on food: from creamy to spicy is always a surprise.


 Yoga and Ayurveda

Never miss a Yoga lesson or a traditional Ayurveda massage in the God's own country: Kerala!
Kerala is the "soft" gate to India: beaches, lakes, palm forests and backwaters. Few days of tropical relaxation is one of the top experience you can get.
The traditional Katakhali Teatre is an ancient art of Kerala: book a ticket! 



One of the most visited land in India, Rajastan deserves a lot of pearls for the guests:
Jaipur the "Pink City" with a lot of historical sites because of its royal monarchy past.

Most iconic places to visit:

Jaipur the "Pink city"
Hawal Mahal (Palace of the winds)
City Palace
Amber Fort
Galta Monkey Temple

Jodhpur the "Blue city"
Mehrangarh Fort: it's so big to overlooks the entire city
Jaswant Thada: the White Palace
Iconic stepweel

Near the desert is the start point for a camel ride!
Only in Pushkar you can find the unique temple dedicated to Brahma


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